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Some Ideas About Silicone Love Dolls

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  • Some Ideas About Silicone Love Dolls

    The Difference Between Silicone Love Dolls And Human:
    1. Silicone love dolls can satisfy the manís control desire:
    When it comes to the difference between silicone dolls and people, most people think of what is called "boring", "rigid" and "untrue"
    To satisfy man's control desire is the biggest characteristic of silicone doll compared with human.You can control her, or even them, as you please!
    1. Silicone dolls can be "frozen" at will.
    You don't have to report your whereabouts at any time.
    1. You can freely vent your anger and even desire on silicone dolls!And you donít have to worry about getting pregnant.
    2. Silicone dolls do not make emotions!
    3. Silicone dolls don't cost money!In addition to the initial purchase costs, when you are happy, you can buy Silicone sexy doll two, their favorite style clothes, when unhappy, do not buy new clothes, but also no need to buy more cosmetics.

    The use of silicone love dolls to prevent prostatitis, impotence, premature ejaculation and other diseases, especially for sexual indifference play a regulatory role.

    About COSMO
    Our sex dolls are all made of full medical silicone,not inflatable dolls.High Quality Loving Doll For Man.Our dolls all have metal skeleton inside,could do any pose as request.Clients have different heads and wig options.Clients can add pubic hair.We have different sizes:65cm,100cm,108cm,110cm,125cm,136cm,145cm,154 cm,158cm,165cm and 168cm.145cm to 165cm,168cm dolls are more favorable than other sizes.110cm to 168cm dolls could add oral sex function.158cm to 168cm dolls could add heat and voice functions.
    Contact now:
    We are looking for distributors for long term cooperation!
    Facebook Page:
    Leo Yang
    Mobile: +86 185 6641 9663
    145cm Adult Full Size Silicone Real Dolls Sex adult silicone love doll†,Full Size Silicone Real Women Dolls are all made of full medical silicone

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    I do prefer the sex doll with white skin and big breast, black hair, traditional Asia sex doll would be much more attractive and adorable.
    But this also looks good, just not a type of my tea.
    I like you posted, please keep updated and sent more information to my email.

    This one looks pretty good! We all look the attractive thing, A life-size realistic doll is a realistic physical presence and can also become a spiritual one, with whom a degree of interaction is achievable.


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      The silicone sex doll is really like a women
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