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Sex Doll:An Early Wartime Project

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  • Sex Doll:An Early Wartime Project

    Sex Doll Program:
    The sex doll was invented in the war.During World War Ⅱ,in order to prevent German soldiers and occupied “non Aryan descent” women have sexual relations,to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in a large area of the Nazi army,the Fuhrer Hitler personally commissioned SS commander Himmler,the secret development of a doll is similar with the female physiological structure,to solve the Germans as pressing danger.
    Hitler made a very specific request for the sex doll at the time:she must have all appearance that the sexy young lady with,in particular,is white skin,blond hair,blue eyes,1.76 meters tall,fleshy lips and full breast.
    However,due to Allied bombing of the sex doll factory is located in Dresden,so it is regarded as a top secret plan aborted.Later,the United States replicated the plan during the Vietnam War,providing a large number of sex dolls for front line American soldiers,and won the acclaim of the soldiers.
    The use of sex dolls to prevent prostatitis, impotence, premature ejaculation and other diseases, especially for sexual indifference play a regulatory role.

    About COSMO
    Our sex dolls are all made of full medical silicone,not inflatable dolls.High Quality Loving Doll For Man.Our dolls all have metal skeleton inside,could do any pose as request.Clients have different heads and wig options.Clients can add pubic hair.We have different sizes:65cm,100cm,108cm,110cm,125cm,136cm,145cm,154 cm,158cm,165cm and 168cm.145cm to 165cm,168cm dolls are more favorable than other sizes.110cm to 168cm dolls could add oral sex function.158cm to 168cm dolls could add heat and voice functions.
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    We are looking for distributors for long term cooperation!
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    Leo Yang

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