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  • Something About Sex Dolls

    The Types Of Sex Dolls:
    There are three types of sex dolls: regular inflatable dolls,integral dolls,and high simulated solid dolls.
    1. Ordinary inflatable doll inflatable molding, inflatable volume near adult size, the body is soft, elastic, but the skin is hard plastic skin, body and limbs are round, cannot display the human aesthetic appearance, more rough, probably can only simulate human structure.
    2. The whole doll is made of solid material and can be made of TPR material and silicone rubber. The body is very similar to the human body. The head and body are close to the human body. The size of the body is as big as the human body or close to the size of the human body.
    3. High simulation entity doll, internal entity is not inflated, the skin muscles are made of silicone rubber and other soft materials, installation of mechanical skeleton inside can do a lot of dolls, doll body posture, fidelity and reality similarity is very high, even to the extent of real ones.

    The use of sex dolls to prevent prostatitis, impotence, premature ejaculation and other diseases, especially for sexual indifference play a regulatory role.

    About COSMO
    Our sex dolls are all made of full medical silicone,not inflatable dolls.High Quality Loving Doll For Man.Our dolls all have metal skeleton inside,could do any pose as request.Clients have different heads and wig options.Clients can add pubic hair.We have different sizes:65cm,100cm,108cm,110cm,125cm,136cm,145cm,154 cm,158cm,165cm and 168cm.145cm to 165cm,168cm dolls are more favorable than other sizes.110cm to 168cm dolls could add oral sex function.158cm to 168cm dolls could add heat and voice functions.
    Contact now:
    We are looking for distributors for long term cooperation!
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    Leo Yang
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